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MetChain NFT's

The Metchain NFTs collection is a utility-focused collection offering its holders the early access to Metchain products and features. Metchain is the protocol that aims to accelerate the adoption of the metaverse by connecting blockchains hosting metaverse projects seamlessly.

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Metchain NFTs: The Edge of Reality

The Metchain NFTs collection is a utility-focused collection where holders of a Metchain NFT are secured the exclusive access to all and future Metchain services and features. One of the first utilities will be the opportunity to enjoy MET ERC-20 token reflections as a Metchain NFT holder when MET is live on the Ethereum network, where the rewards obtained are linked to the rarity of the NFT held.

Metchain NFT holders will also be able to participate in the early mining stages of Metchain's layer 1, pow-powered blockchain and the higher your Metchain NFT's rarity is, the higher the rewards will be from the mining activity. And it doesn't end there as Metchain aims to bridge the gap between AI and metaverse technologies by connecting projects and applications cross-chain, allowing unique AI-metaverse applications to be born and to be utilized by the Metchain NFT holders.

As pioneers of the Metchain network, Metchain NFT holders will be testing all products before they are even live and enjoy exclusive access to community events organized by the Metchain team. Metchain NFT holders play a crucial role in the Metchain ecosystem as they will provide the valuable feedback needed in the development and in return, contribute to the growth of Metchain and achieve a decentralized ecosystem.

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The Metchain NFT collection consists of 500 non-fungible tokens released on the Ethereum network using the ERC-721 token standard. The NFTs are ranked based on their rarity and they are divided into 4 sub-groups: - Common: 236 Metchain NFTs - Less Common: 147 Metchain NFTs - Rare: 99 Metchain NFTs - Super Rare: 18 Metchain NFTs Holding a Metchain NFT unlocks exclusive rewards for its holders and the higher the rarity of the Metchain NFT held, the higher the value of the rewards will be. Metchain NFTs are going to be the FIRST fully interoperable metaverse NFTs designed by Metchain for the metaverse.

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